Book of Orange Foundation

Book of Orange Foundation

One of the most important books in Dutch history has been found at an auction in Paris after more than four centuries. The book was owned by William of Orange. It is therefore an indispensable and irreplaceable cultural object that must be preserved for the Netherlands. Chances are that the book will otherwise disappear abroad.

The book was important in shaping the young Prince’s views on the freedom of religion in a period that marks an important turning point in Dutch history.
The year 1559 plays a pivotal role in the prelude to the Dutch Revolt (1568) because a very important event took place in Paris, to which the Prince even owes his nickname “the Silent”.
There is no equivalent book in the Netherlands. Given the importance of this book from the library of “de Zwijger” for the Netherlands, we want to do everything we can to preserve it.

The foundation develops a variety of activities. This brings the book to the attention of a large audience and activates donors and financiers to support the plan for the purchase of the book from private ownership and the donation of the book to a Dutch museum.

B.C.H. (Bart) Laming
Book of Orange Foundation

The Poliphilus, praised by many as the most beautiful book in the world, is in its original condition and is unique thanks to the original Orange binding with the coat of arms of William of Orange.