National Military Museum receives a favorite book from William of Orange

A recently discovered favorite book by William of Orange can be seen in the National Military Museum (NMM) from Tuesday 18 September. The book belonged to the prince's personal book collection and will be added to the exhibition "Willem".

Personal property of the prince
In 1567 the prince left the Netherlands to continue his fight against the Spanish King in Dillenburg. He has books transferred from his castle in Breda, including Hypnerotomachie or Exposition about the dream of Pholiphile, of which he had a French edition. The prince bought the book in 1559 in Paris during his stay at the court of Henry II. After his violent death in 1584, his library was spread in all directions, including through relatives. The work was long hidden in private collections and was discovered at auction in 2006. From Tuesday 18 September it can be seen in the NMM, where the exhibition "Willem" brings together many top pieces from the Netherlands and abroad.

Exhibition "Willem"
The exhibition "Willem" gives a unique picture of the life of the young William of Orange and his unknown years as a soldier and general long before the Eighty Years' War or the Dutch Revolt. It becomes clear how William became leader of the Revolt and why he is seen as the "Father of the Fatherland". The exhibition is motivated by the 450th anniversary of the Eighty Years' War this year. The exhibition can be seen in the NMM until October 28, 2019.

National Military Museum
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